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Clara's magic dragon plush toy

dragon soft toy

The honorable mission of creating the first toy in the image of a cartoon character was entrusted to us directly by the creators of the animated feature film "Clara and the Magic Dragon". We appreciated and fully justified the trust that was shown by the team . The fifty-centimeter Drakosha was created in Art-berloga in a fairly short time for such a complex and detailed character. The work on him was somewhat intense and not all details could be created the first time. There was a lot of painstaking and diligent rework, several mock-ups and several variations of molds. And all because we really wanted to get close to the original, to make the toy as recognizable as possible and corresponding to the 2D image. They often say: the best is the enemy of the good. It is nothing like that! It is the desire for the best that always helps us to keep the mark in sewing exclusive soft toys, to create layout after layout, to correct the slightest mistakes, to hone the patterns and masterfully connect pieces of fabric into one whole! Contact us! And in our hands any of your ideas and ideas will come to life!

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