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Plush killer whale with individual inscription

Plush toy Orca

Although real orcas are big and rather formidable fish, but we successfully manage to create them as kind, gentle, cute and very titillating toys. This is especially important when the main purpose of such a product - to remind your favorite daughter about the tender feelings of Daddy, while he is in a distant voyage across the seas and oceans. Here matters every detail - from the overall cuteness of the product and tactile sensations that cause the surface of the toy, to the meaning of the applied phrase. Therefore, the material for creation of the orca was selected the most pleasant to the touch, dense, on a good base and resistant to erasure. As a filler used hypoallergenic syntepuh, to protect the future owner of the toy from even the slightest risks. The phrase on the side of the orca is hand-embroidered. This toy is exclusive and created in a single copy! In the same way we can develop and create a soft toy in the form of any other character or animal, taking into account all your wishes for the product. Contact us!

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