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Plush cat Cocos


Soft toy cat

It is hard to imagine what the authors of this character named Cocos "dabbled" in, but we, as plush wizards, just had to create a toy not just similar to the prototype picture, but also extremely companionable. And we have to admit that we succeeded. With such a cat you can go out for a walk, and show up to guests, and on the desktop to keep it, that it was more fun to work. The main thing is not to lose vigilance, because Kokos is an amazing lover of the magic berry "snuff", little wonder where it can lead in its search))) Kotik's height is 30 cm. Made of the most pleasant to the touch plush. Filling - hypoallergenic syntepuh. The eyes are textile. Having been born in our workshop, Kokosik very soon went to live in a big and glorious city, the capital of a neighboring state. Now he periodically sends us his northern greetings.

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