Designing toy sewing

Plush frog in top hat

Handmade soft frog

In front of you is one of our most unusual works. This frog was created based on a sticker of one of the popular messengers, but with significant revisions, adjustments and additions of the customer. First of all, the character has a backpack with a clasp, which can be used as a case for storing small, but very important things! Under the backpack and on the tummy with the help of embroidery there are special symbols, the meaning of which is known only to the owner of the toy. And a special charm of the product is given by the cylinder also, by the way, decorated with special signs! All decorative parts are removable and functional, which is achieved with the help of secret magnetic fasteners! And as a cherry on the cake - the original coloring of the skin, inherent in this particular species of frogs. Such a detailed work was satisfied with both ourselves and the customer, who obviously knew what result he would be satisfied with!

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