Designing toy sewing

Author's hippo from eco leather

Pattern from eco leather

In the modern world there is a tendency to maximize the preservation of the environment, refusal from harmful production and use of animal raw materials. We are always in favor of preserving life and have recently mastered the sphere of sewing toys from eco-leather - an artificial material that visually and tactilely resembles natural skin, and also allows us to preserve the lives of our lesser brothers. And it is very symbolic that we sew from eco-leather most often exotic hippos, whose population is under constant threat of destruction. This handsome behemoth is 17 cm tall, beautifully shaped and weighs 250 grams. An ideal and practical gift. Practically does not get dirty, durable, interesting. Does not require special care or washing. And in general, we are always ready for new developments and will enthusiastically realize all your fantasies. Contact us!

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