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Restoration and repair of a plush monkey

Repair plush monkey

Poor plush Jonic came to Plush Clinic all tired and beaten up by life. No, no, no, he was loved fervently, long and with all his heart. And that's why, over the years, he had lost his pristine appearance. We had to completely disassemble his fur, clean and sanitize him. The old, dusty wood filler was mercilessly recycled, and the monkey received a new modern "stuffing" from syntepuh. This filler collects less dust and does not breed dust (feather) mites. Next, we had to work hard to restore the limbs and face. It was almost impossible to remove the pattern from the face part, which had been tormented for years, and we acted at random, relying only on experience and professionalism. As a result, the toy turned out as good as new . At least, the owners of its transformation caused no less emotion, and that says a lot!

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