Designing toy sewing

Restoration and renovation of the doll body

Repair doll body

Probably every girl in her childhood gave her favorite doll the word that she would never abandon her. For better or for worse, as they say. Promises should be kept and that is why a pretty but old-looking "young lady" came to our Plush Clinic. At the first examination it turned out that the body not only gives away her solid age, but also spoils her appearance and simply does not fulfill its function. To help the poor thing, we sewed a new body and replaced the old one with it, as well as completely replaced the filling. Then we cleaned the plastic parts from small dirt, washed and repaired the costume. The final and most painstaking stage of our work was the hairstyle. The doll was not just combed, but also made a real style! And so skillfully that the owner of the doll met her with tears of happiness in her eyes, having seen so many changes and beauty!

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