Designing toy sewing

Cloning a plush dog

Cloning a plush toy

Here he is - the real example of what we call "beloved toys". This puppy came to us in a critical condition after many home restorations - the skin practically fell apart in our hands, although it was kept from complete destruction only by a huge number of hand stitches overlapping each other, and the spout was glued so many times that the layer of glue became thicker than the spout itself. In this situation, there was no question of restoration, only cloning the piece, which also turned out to be a difficult task. It was almost impossible to copy the patterns, because after removing all the seams the skin turned into a real rag. And our masters created the toy practically from scratch, taking as a basis the basic outlines and constructive lines of the old original. We went through all the stages of creating the toy - modeling, coordination of the design and making amendments, re-sewing of the model taking into account the amendments and sewing of the original. And the result was certainly worth the effort. The plush puppy went home to its happy owner right after the final stitching to continue giving memories of a distant, but even more precious, childhood.

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