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Restoration and cloning of a favorite kitty

restoration kitty toy

Our plush clinic was approached by a little lady. Her beloved kitty was in need of treatment. Our masters immediately rushed to the rescue. The toy was restored as a matter of urgency. The most delicate places were replaced: the tummy, heels and ears, the skin was cleaned and the eyes were renewed. The kitty was rescued, and the little owner rejoiced at her return. But the joy became double. Instead of one favorite, two kitties came home. We've done the cloning. We hope that the family got another friend and favorite soft toy. Welcome to our plush clinic. Our kind "Aibolites" will cure any soft friend and he will continue to please your children. Toy restoration is just one of the directions of our workshop. We can not only repair, recreate a plush pet, but also create a brand new one according to your photos, drawings or just descriptions. Individual tailoring guarantees that the toy will be unique.

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