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Restoration of a favorite plush monkey

Repair plush monkey

Our plush clinic has a new patient wounded by love. No, he has not had his heart broken by an unreciprocated feeling. On the contrary, from a long period of great love and time, his appearance and even his filling have undergone changes not for the better. His eyes lost their luster, his skin was worn out, and his "inner world" tried to escape through the torn seams on his decrepit body. But nothing is impossible for our masters of plush business. They sewed everything up, darned, cleaned, replaced the stuffing, renewed the eyes. And then everything went according to the protocol: therapy, massage and stretching of the plush spine. And our hero, like new returned to the family to continue to receive signs of love and adoration. We accept orders not only for the manufacture of new toys, but also repair, restore your old and adored plushies, with which you do not want to part, but only to pass them on to your children. Please contact us! We are always glad to help you!

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