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Restoration of a beige teddy bear with bow

Repair teddy bear

It would seem - just another restoration, what else is there to be surprised about? But there is no limit to perfection - tested and proven by the experience of Plush Clinic Art-berloga masters! Delicate peach Mishutka came to us for cleaning and preventive examination. We cannot call his condition critical. He is well-groomed and at first glance it seemed that he does not even need our services. But, after the mandatory cleaning procedure, it shone with new colors, became much fresher and tidier. And also received a new "stuffing" of clean and springy syntepuch, which restored the original shape of the toy. The bear's nose was embroidered with a new one, the eyes were painted, having previously eliminated small scratches and scuffs. And most importantly, we applied the latest author's technology for hair restoration. Now Bear's fur is as fluffy and soft as it was once very, very long ago. The life of another toy has been saved and prolonged, which makes the whole team of our plush clinic incredibly happy.

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