Designing toy sewing

Plush cloning of a favorite teddy bear

cloning teddy bear

Why cloning, you might ask? Is it a sewing term? The term may not be a sewing term, we tell you, but the process allows you to get a clone (copy) of your favorite toy. Especially if it has fallen into disrepair. This bear we cloned from a favorite children's toy, having previously taken all the necessary measurements from it. Then follows the stage of modeling, where all the difficult moments are worked out, the correct shape of the damaged parts of the body of the toy is deduced and the location of eyes, nose, mouth is determined. Only when the model becomes maximally similar to the original toy, when all the smallest details are coordinated and verified, we start sewing a copy of the toy. This is how the mystery of toy cloning happens. This teddy bear, or rather a new version of it, went home to Belgium, and we already miss him. But undoubtedly, his owner missed him most of all and waited with bated breath to see what we would get. And upon receipt of the cherished parcel from Art-berloga her delight and happiness was unbounded! May your toys always cause delight! And if suddenly, the charge of "delight", strength and vigor in them will run out - you know who can return it))).

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