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Restoration of a stuffed pig

Repair stuffed pig

The hard life of the favorite has worn out the snow-white Piggy, because she round the clock protects the adorable little girl, takes care of her mood and leisure time. The cute piggy has a very badly worn nickel and mouth. And also she lost half of the former mass and all her lovely forms turned into a pile of wool and filler. It was only for the sake of saving Piggy that her little owner decided to take a short separation. We at Plush Clinic Art-berloga welcomed Piggy with enthusiasm and immediately started the restoration. First Piggy underwent the obligatory spa procedures, and then she underwent facial plastic surgery. The worn out parts of the lower part of the nose were replaced with new ones made of microplush, which is soft to the touch. And the final stage of work on the pig was a complete replacement of the filler, as well as the formation of the correct plumpness of the toy. Renewed and rejuvenated Piggy was met at home with delight and surprise! Now it fulfills its purpose with renewed vigor!

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