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Restoration of a favorite plush dog

Repair plush dog

Meet the balloon! Balloon! This cute tri-colored dog had been living in the world for 35 years when he came to Plush Clinic. For a long time he was a favorite toy in a large family, but the oldest girl Alena loved him most of all. With her he was everywhere and always! He shared both food and shelter! And when the children grew up - Sharik was sent to a well-deserved rest and rest in a secluded corner of the closet. And for a long time he would still lie there, if not for the repair)))) It was then that Sharik again fell into the hands of his owner, and from her - to us. After all, his appearance left much to be desired! Because of old age the dog's fur had yellowed very much, and in some places the hair even began to crumble. No cleaning could not restore the former beauty of the white belly and muzzle. Therefore, first of all, we had to make a complete replacement. To do this, we ordered a foreign retro-plush very similar in texture, created from it and sewed new body parts into the toy. We also completely replaced the filling. Previously, the Ball had absorbent cotton inside, but now it is very densely filled with syntepuh. All the fittings remained the same. We only made a new tongue, beautiful from the finest leather, as our customers asked us. And we sent Sharik home looking better, fresher, to the joy of a large and friendly family!

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