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Restoration of the 1980 Olympic teddy bear

Реставрация винтажной игрушки мишки

Despite all the farewells and songs with heartbreaking lines "Goodbye, our affectionate bear!" - this beautiful symbol of the Olympics 80 still lives in our hearts and homes. But the years take their toll! 39 years for a plush toy is an eternity! That is why we are often given Olympians for restoration. This teddy bear looked very good externally, but we could not say that about the inner parts of the toy. Sometime earlier the toy, apparently, was washed/cleaned/dropped in water... There can be any variant, but the essence is the same - from overwatering and improper drying mode the wooden fasteners of the joints were covered with black and very dangerous mold, which partially transferred to the cotton filling. That is, in essence, the soft toy turned into a time bomb that dispersed Aspergillus niger spores throughout its owner's home. We immediately disposed of the ruined cotter pins and filler. And further, we cleaned and properly dried the bear skin, installed new claws on the handles and feet that had been lost over the years. We ordered new disks and cotter pins for the joints, reassembled the whole toy.  We applied our own author's method of fur restoration and the Bear became as good as new. And also he got a new "stuffing" of syntepuh and now, even with improper cleaning or when caught in a downpour, will dry much faster. And his joints are now modern and are not exposed to moisture so much. Therefore, we are absolutely calm about the future fate of the toy. Especially since Olympic Bears are quite rare toys. And real connoisseurs cherish them like the apple of their eye!

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