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Portrait doll restoration

Portrait doll repair

Plush Clinic Art-berloga has seen a lot of toys that have been loved or damaged. But we were very surprised to learn that our own work of art, a portrait doll whose appearance had been nicely corrected by a cute pet dog, was in urgent need of restoration. After examining the patient, we were horrified - the scale of the damage was very large. The hair cover was destroyed by 70%, the face was crumpled, deformed, the nose was practically pressed inside, the upper textile layer near the lips and nose was torn. The fingers of the hands have lost their anatomical shape and become like sausages. Shoes are classically chewed up. To eliminate such complex damage, we, first of all, asked for photos of the appearance of a person in the present time and already on them created a new face from scratch. From the head we left only a dummy, all anatomical features of the human face the masters created and applied on it anew. They covered the face and neck with a new layer of textile. They added hair, beard and eyebrows to the doll. We corrected the shape of her fingers. We created new shoes and worked on the costume, which had lost its look. The difference "before/after" is noticeable to everyone and to the naked eye. The collectible doll has returned to the owner, but now she lives in a secluded corner, inaccessible to pets.

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