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Restoration of a stuffed pig toy

Repair pig toy

The 20-year-old pig was quite well preserved for her age. The whole Plush Clinic team noted this and proceeded to work amicably, without any unnecessary preamble. The main problem was with the clothes. If the pig's skin turned out to be intact and without stains, the pants just needed to be replaced. The caring owners of Piggy had already mended and darned her clothes many times, and even tried to restore them with the help of external overlays. Although such measures give only a temporary effect, they inspire us for real accomplishments, because they prove again and again how much people love their plush friends! And we started with the main thing - cleaning of the skin. Next - partial replacement of clothes and strengthening of weakened parts of the product. For this we had to disassemble the toy almost completely. And when we put it back together, we realized that we did not try in vain. The new pants fit even better than the previous ones. The toy had new, correct outlines and shapes, it stopped being like a flattened pillow, and became Piggy again. Finally, we gave Piggy a procedure of fluffing the hair and she was transformed dramatically! The owners of the toy were pleased and said that we are not a plush clinic, but time charmers! After all, for two weeks of work to return the toy to 20 years ago - this, you must agree, not everyone can do!)))

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