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Restoration of a soft toy by Gregory Fox

Repair fox toy

The fox Gregory struck us to the core with his charisma. This plush toy is definitely endowed with a soul. You look into his plastic eyes and see there all his long life, all the severity of his character and all his inner strength. Apparently, it is this strength that allowed him to live to such a respectable age - 27 years old - and to keep the best shape. The only thing that suffered was the toy's ability to stand on its own feet. The fox could only sit. But this trouble was eliminated quickly enough. After cleaning the skin, we filled Grigory very densely with syntepuh, from which all his limbs acquired the correct shape and sufficient rigidity to provide the toy stability. He returned home in excellent condition, as if those long 27 years of life before his rehabilitation at Plush Clinic Art-berloga had never happened.

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