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Restoration of a well-fed teddy bear

Restoration teddy bear

The old beige teddy bear had become completely flat, like a pillow. And the dusty skin in some places could not withstand the onslaught of childhood love and long ago rubbed off, exposing his big cotton "soul". That's why now Mishanya came to us with a bare cracked belly, paws, face and, of course, with great hopes for a better future. With such a damaged textile, of course, you can not work and restore it from the remaining scraps. Therefore, in such difficult cases, we always do a complete replacement of the blasted parts of the toy. Replacing the material is always a troublesome event, because you need to cover the problem spot not with anything, but with plush as close to the original as possible. It may take a week or two to find it. Careful selection of our specialists passes every piece of fabric, more or less corresponding to the color color and texture, length of pile! This approach is the key to the success of the whole event to restore the toy. And the result of complex initial manipulations of our team is always a new appearance of the most favorite toy of the client, close to the original, and prolongation of the life of the product, at least for another 50 years. Having undergone all the above described "executions" of the caring hands of the restorer (and not only) Misha got a cute light pink belly made of German vintage viscose, restored and fluffed beige fur, a new hypoallergenic filling and, definitely, a wonderful future! How could we not be magicians?

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