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Restoration of a large stuffed dog

Repair large stuffed dog

How many teddy paws, ears, noses and eyes we have seen torn off, we can't even count! And still each new "plush patient" makes our hearts clench with pain and, rolling up our sleeves, we undertake in urgent mode to save him from oblivion! Gray Dog is a faithful childhood friend of two, now grown-up, brothers, who keep him as a real family heirloom! The turbulent, bright, cheerful childhood of the guys affected the toy not in the best way. The wool got scuffed, the ear half torn off, the toy through the holes sowed the space around itself with foam rubber. Therefore, after complete elimination of the old filler and careful cleaning, more than a dozen stitches were put on the inner part of the torso before returning the Doggy to its original volumes. The filler chosen for this purpose is modern, springy and perfectly holds its shape. Now your favorite teddy looks as good as new, as if only from the counter! And, as in the kindest fairy tale, he will have many more years of happy life in a loving family!

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