Designing toy sewing

Restoration of a favorite beige teddy bear

Repair teddy bear.

Every mother knows that children's favorite toys need frequent washing. And this leads to the loss of their appearance, compaction of the filler inside and deterioration of the condition of the fur, which clumps, sticks together, hangs like "icicles". This is a sure signal that it's time to breathe a second life into a plush favorite! And the easiest way is to entrust this procedure to us! After all, the technology has been worked out for years, and the skill is at the highest level! In just 7-10 days the toy will return home clean, smelling good, renewed, with soft harmless filler inside and with fluffed fur by the unique author's method. This is exactly how Misha's little friend met him at home - fresher, better-looking and fluffy again. Especially for her we tried to manage the work in the shortest possible time. And we are ready to repeat this "feat" again and again, so that the cured toys will continue to please, protect and defend the kids!

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