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Vintage teddy bear restoration

teddy bear repair

Toy restoration is a business that knows no distances, borders, language barriers and other far-fetched obstacles. And plush patients from all corners of the world constantly come to Plush Clinic Art-berloga, they travel thousands of kilometers, fly by airplanes, get there by trains, cross oceans. And a solid age Bear arrived from a neighboring country. At first glance he seemed very nice, and only after the release from the cotton filler the whole picture of his long life was revealed to us. But the most impressive thing was the warmth and accuracy with which the bear was repaired by the owners themselves. Each, even the smallest, hole was very delicately sewn up. A big tear in the fur on the back of the head was also eliminated with the help of a secret stitch. The lost eyes and nose were replaced with new ones. We appreciated the labor invested in the bear and decided to bring to a more professional level all the manipulations done before us. After careful cleaning of the fur, we reinforced all the existing seams. Torn out pieces of fur closed patches of similar material both in color and texture. We worked on the claws. They had to be impregnated with a special strengthening solution, so that the native "manicure" reliably held. Special attention was paid to the cotter pin connection, we made it as strong as possible, so that all the limbs sit tightly without losing mobility. And finally - fluffed up a pile of vintage plush. The reward didn't last long! When Bear comes home, his little mistress simply won't part with him. And that means that we did a great job! As we always do!

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