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Restoration and cloning of twin bunnies

cloning twin bunnies

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A long time ago, in one friendly family two sisters were given identical plush Bunnies, which became the most favorite and irreplaceable toys! But the love of the girls was expressed in different ways. One of them blew dust off her friend, kept and protected him as the apple of her eye. And the other - could not live a minute without a favorite, everywhere took with him, fed, fed, fed him and put him to sleep next to him. Of course, the result - on the face. One of them is a complete wreck, and the second one is a rarity, but strong enough. Our task was to create the most similar Bunny from modern materials, instead of the beloved friend, and preserved gray - to restore. We tried very hard to justify the expectations placed on us. Although we had to change the color scheme when creating a clone of the toy, but saved the situation perfectly correct design, which one in one recreated the shape and size of the surviving Bunny. Another difficult moment was the manufacture of fittings, namely - eyes and spout. First, we molded them from a special material, then dried, long leveled, to achieve maximum coincidence of details, and then still with the original had to check them, adjust the size and degree of opuklosti. As a result, a month later, grown up sisters received one restored childhood friend and one more of the same, but in an updated version.Now these toys will faithfully serve the younger generation of the family. And who knows, maybe in another thirty years they will come back to us at Plush Clinic Art-berloga for a little old age prophylaxis!

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