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Repair of soft toy ginger bear

Repstoration teddy bear

The red curly-haired bear came to us at Plush Clinic Art-berloga completely devastated. Some time ago, the bear's heels had been rubbed and for many years the stuffing had been slowly poured out through them. That's how the toy was left only a shell. Having carefully studied the situation, we decided to replace all the light parts of the toy as much as possible similar in texture and color material. After all, its nose part made of soft peachy plush was also quite worn and tattered. But first of all, the teddy bear was cleaned and fluffed, monitored the skin from the inside, repair of small holes. And only then, having given him new heels and face, we filled the "plush patient" with hollofiber. We installed and firmly fixed the native fittings - eyes and nose! The photo poorly conveys the whole scale of transformation of this toy, but our efforts were appreciated by the owner of the Bear, who simply scattered in compliments, having received from us a plush friend of childhood, younger by 20 years. And positive emotions of our customers are one of the most important criteria for us!

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