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Cloning a plush mouse

Cloning a toy mouse

The owner of this wonderful Soviet-era Mouse initially set us the task of cloning the toy with the highest possible accuracy. And we enthusiastically set to work. It turned out that earlier Mouse, as it is supposed to be, was gray, but the years have taken their toll and she "grayed" so beautifully. The material for its restoration was selected from the assortment of suppliers of German plush in maximum conformity with the preserved gray areas of the skin. Our masters made the molds with jewelry precision, so in the new product we managed to repeat even the asymmetrical fit of the ears, slight curvature of the nose and a slight squint, giving the toy a slight charm. All fittings from the original Mouse were used in the work on the clone, which made it as plausible and close to the original as possible. Both ourselves and the customer were satisfied with the work done. After all, before us she had to turn to many companies and masters, but even Moscow restoration specialists did not want to take on cloning. We are not afraid of difficult tasks and are always ready to save your plush friends from oblivion! Please contact us!

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