Designing toy sewing

Repair favorite lion toy

Leva came to us from "Slavniy mista Leva" in a state of almost empty skin with sticky foam rubber inside. The whole thing was like a sieve, with small holes! But real professionals can do all the tasks! And we enthusiastically entered the battle for Leva's life. Cleaned his skin, strengthened the seams and fabric of the toy. We darned every tear. Replaced the stuffing. We bleached his face. Leva became unrecognizable. The owners of the toy could not believe their eyes and it became our best reward!

three teddy bears

Once again we, as wizards, created toys according to the whim of a little princess. Her favorite characters are Cuckoo bears from the cartoon "Umizoomi team". They are bright, attractive and megapositive characters, you fall in love with them at first sight. But from the technological point of view these bears turned out to be tough nuts. We had to assemble their plaid-striped outfits from patchwork using the "PATCHWORK" technique. Exclusive headdresses were also created especially for the stylish cuku-bears, which successfully completed their image. The height of the bears is 28, 30, 32 cm. They are created from certified fake fur, natural cotton and felt, filled with hypoallergenic syntepuh and will serve their owner for a long time.

Review: "Thank you for making dreams come true and give so much joy!!!! You are just magicians!"

Exclusive soft doll

Invincible Ukrainian folk tale hero - Kotigoroshko was created in the form of exclusive doll of 40 cm tall. Creating of Kotigoroshko was noted by a very short time of production - 7 days and very diligent and meticulous execution. We tried not to miss every detail. Happiness of baby face and sincere surprise of his parents was a real reward for us. Toy was presented to little lover of fairy tales on the St. Nicholas day (19.12). Now one more masterpiece will live with a happy owner from Kiev.

fighting roosters toys

Everyone knows how passionate the people of Malaysia are about violent cockfighting, or otherwise known as "Sabong". It is out of love for these birds that our Filipino client decided to immortalize their images in a soft toy and 3 plush roosters of White hatch art lopez, Granjas de gallos and Hatch grey breed. The exclusive soft birds were created exclusively from artificial materials. Not a single live bird was harmed. Now three proud plush copies of roosters will live in Maynila (Philippines). ART-berloga handmade studio is always happy to help you realize your bold plush fantasies.

Tangy Bodangy toy

Tangy is a computer game character, a dragon athlete, skateboarder and bodybuilder. A real hero in the eyes of modern boys! No wonder he became a welcome gift for St. Nicholas Day. We have created an exclusive soft toy Tangy in the size of 40 cm, "molded" from fabric every muscle, dressed in shorts and protective helmet and sent to St. Nicholas. Through his efforts, Tangy now lives in Cherkassy (Ukraine) with a little boy and helps him play sports.

plush pregnant pig

Are there any parents in the world who have not yet learned all the characters of the cartoon "Peppa Pig" by heart? Are there any children in the world who would not like to receive a plush Peppa or George or any of her friends as a gift? And our little customer wished for a gift of a pregnant Mama Piggy with a little piglet in her tummy. Thanks to a specially designed construction, the piggy can be taken out and put back in the tummy. Mama Piggy's height is 40 cm, little George's height is 15 cm. The toys are made of microplush, filling - syntepuh. But the most important thing is that this couple has not only content, but also brings indescribable happiness to the owner.

Plush toy Yak

The more we work in the field of sewing exclusive toys, the harder we get to order. A fuchsia-colored fluffy Yak. Can you think of a more extravagant character? We dyed the Yak's long fur millimeter by millimeter by hand using the technology we invented, turning the fur from snow-white to bright fuchsia. We mastered shoemaking, got creative in creating Yak's outstanding profile, and learned how to bind books. And all so that the kind and cheerful Yak Yakaboo Yak settled in the children's store and entertained little customers.

Baymax soft robot.

Attention! Now cartoon characters can also settle in your home, shop, showroom, play area, clinic and kindergartens! We create them with a professional approach and superhero inspiration! That's exactly how we created Beymax, the superhero from the City of Heroes cartoon. Now Beymax will guard the little visitors of Kiev children's shop. His height is 100 cm. Weight-3kg.

Teddy bear immigrant

When you want to express your immense love, you choose the most immense way of expression) In this case, a loving dad congratulated his daughter with a one and a half metre kitty, which we created inspired by his feelings. A heart with a personalised greeting is hidden under the kitty's crimson jacket. Now he lives in Bucharest and pleases his little owner every day.

Custom toy Lunya

Having accepted the order for Lunya, a character from the cartoon "Luntik", we reviewed the cartoon and all existing images of the moon. After all, everything we undertake must be done perfectly! In this case, it turned out so. It is impossible to describe the joy of the little owner of Lunya in words! Lunya is made of soft plush, eco-suede, dress - linen 100%, filling - artificial "swan down". Lunya's height is 30 cm, she is compact and very convenient for joint travels, games and entertainment.


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